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3rd European Energy Forum
"What policy measures for
energy transition in Europe?"

24 - 25 April 2014

Session 1 : European energy policy to support transition

WEC agenda for change, Joan MacNaughton PDF
WEC recommandations to the EU Policy Framework, Jean Eudes Moncomble PDF

Session 2 : CO2 framework and emission trading system (ETS)

Reform of the EU Emissions Trading System, Polona Gregorin PDF
CO2 emission abatement in the power sector: on EU ETS and renewable, Erik Delarue PDF
The Three Pillars for integrating the objectives and instruments of energy-climate policy, Michael Grubb PDF

Session 3 : Energy security and capacity mechanisms

Energy security in the EU internal energy market, Inge Bernaets None
Capacity renumeration mechanisms and the future of the EU electricity market, Carlos Batlle PDF
A capacity market in France - status of discussions and futures steps, Thomas Veyrenc PDF

Session 4 : Future of state aid framework

Transformation of the energy system while ensuring competitiveness, Carsten Rolle PDF
Could EU's state aids regulation hinder EU policies of decarbonisation and security of supply ?, Dominique Finon PDF
Needs and specific issues of an energy equipment supplier, Denis Cochet PDF

Session 5 : Energy prices and competitiveness

A challenging future, Bosse Anderson PDF
Allowing retail customers to keep their bills in check, Marco Margheri PDF
Energy prices and manufacturing competitiveness, Jean-Louis Schilansky PDF

Keynote speech

The "Energiewende" in the EU-2030 context, Leonhard Birnbaum PDF