forum européen

5th European Energy Forum
"R&D and innovation, drivers of the energy transition"

9-10 May 2016

Opening session

Opening session, Olivier Appert and Jean Eudes Moncomble PDF

Session 1: Contribution of R&D and innovation (RDI) to economic growth and employment

“New” view on growth theory and consequences for RI policies, Paul Zagamé PDF
Multilateral Collaborative Innovation: Enabling a Sustainable Energy Transition, Jean-François Gagné PDF
Energy in Buildings: EDF’s R&D contribution to climate change limitation, economic growth and job creation, Thierry le Boucher PDF

Technological Focus 1

Nuclear Energy Innovation: a necessity, a challenge and an asset for the growth of a low-carbon economy, Frank Carré PDF
E-storage: Shifting from cost to value, Zulandi Van der Westhuizen PDF

"Embracing New Frontiers"

Presentation of the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul, 9-13 October 2016, Hasan Murat Mercan PDF

Session 2: RDI choices and consequences on the organisation

Designing new energy systems: beyond decision and optimization, design theory and methods to manage R&D and innovation, Pascal le Masson PDF
IFP Energies nouvelles: Innovation and Transfer to Industry, Didier Houssin PDF
Model of R&D and Innovation in the Holding Company, Miroslav Poljak PDF

Roundtable 1: The emergence of new technologies, particularly those serving the energy transition

Abstract : Arnulf Grubler, Carsten Rolle, Raphaël Schoentgen and Christoph Frei (moderator) PDF

Session 3: Deployment and dissemination of innovations, the key role of demonstration and learnings

Creating the Culture of Innovation, Thomas Flaherty PDF
The challenges of low carbon technology demonstration and deployment: the case of carbon capture and storage, Jim Watson PDF
Housing energy consumption in France - Synergies between energy efficiency strategies and action on fuel poverty, Eric Lagandré PDF

Technological Focus 2

Progress on hydraulic fracturing for unconventional hydrocarbons, Jean-Louis Schilansky PDF
Digital based Energy Systems, Vincent Champain PDF

Session 4: Research and innovation policies

How to design energy technology innovation policies?, Dominique Finon PDF
Research, Innovation and Competitiveness in the EU: the 5th pillar of the Energy Union, Mark Van Stiphout PDF
Promotion of Technology Innovation in the Italian Energy Sector, Marcello Capra PDF

Keynote speech

Louis Schweitzer, General Commissioner for investment PDF

Roundtable 2: Connections between research and innovation policies, corporate strategies and industrial policies

Abstract : Olivier Appert, Laurent Michel, Louis Schweitzer and Jean-Marie Dauger (moderator) PDF

Closing speech

Olivier Appert, Conseil Français de l'Énergie PDF


R&D and innovation, drivers of the energy transition PDF