forum européen

6th European Energy Forum
"What business model for energy in Europe?"

22-23 May 2017

Opening session

Opening session, Olivier Appert and Jean Eudes Moncomble PDF

Session 1: Technologies: what’s new?

How decentralized technologies have changed business models in Europe and the world, Jens Weinmann, PDF
Accenture Technology Vision: 5 trends driven by digital disruption, Emmanuel Fages PDF
The Italian energy data platform, Alessio Borriello None

Session 2: Individuals and collectives behaviour: new values

Digital : My Energy My Way, Alain Chardon None
Prosumage of Solar Electricity: Pros, Cons, and the System Perspective, Wolf-Peter Schill PDF
The exponential prosumer: a quest for purpose in a digital world, Caroline Flaissier PDF

Session 3 - Electricity: business models and market design

Digitalization of the Energy Sector: case study of Estonia, Karla Agan PDF
New business models to value flexibility in electricity markets, Fabien Roques PDF
Energy Transition or Electricity Transition?, Volker Stehmann PDF

Session 4 – Centralised vs decentralised: workshop by the World Energy Council

Jean-Baptiste Galland, Enedis - Grzegorz Gorski, ENGIE - Ricardo Prata, EDP Distribuição - Philip Lowe, World Energy Council PDF

Session 5 – Mobility: where are we going?

Electromobility: some new business models in development, Yannick Perez PDF
Cleaner transport & mobility: the 'problem child' of climate policy, Peter Vis PDF
Green Mobility: fostering energy (r)evolution in transports, Ovarith Troeung PDF

Session 6 – When local authorities become smart

Unlocking smart capabilities for local authorities, Jan Kowalczyk PDF
Good Data for Smart Planning: Regional observatories spearheading the energy data, Juliette Dixon PDF
Presentation and selection of references on Cities – ENGIE, Métier B2T, Charles-Edouard Delpierre PDF

Session 7 – What new business model(s) for energy? – Roundtable

Marc Bussiéras, EDF - Julien Janes, CRE - Jan Kowalczyk, Banner Group - Volker Stehmann, Innogy - Jean Eudes Moncomble, Conseil Français de l'Énergie PDF

Concluding remarks

Jean Eudes Moncomble, Conseil Français de l'Énergie PDF

Proceedings of the Forum