forum européen

7th European Energy Forum
"Oil and Gas in the Global Energy Transition"

7-8 June 2018

Keynote speech

Adaptation of the Oil and Gas Industry, Olivier Appert PDF

Session 1: Oil and gas demand in low carbon transition

Oil and Gas in the Grand Transition, Gerald Davis PDF
Technological Solutions to Accelerate the Energy Transition in the Oil & Gas Industry, Stéphane Fédou PDF
The role of gas in the Italian electric sector, Pier Filippo Di Peio PDF

Session 2: The strategies of International Oil and Gas Companies in the energy transition

Do international oil companies need to re-think their business models?, Paul Stevens PDF
ENGIE's strategy in the energy transition, Jean-Marc Leroy PDF
ENI's strategy, Lapo Pistelli PDF

Keynote speech

Oil & gas in the Energy transition: The role of Technology, Didier Houssin PDF

Session 3: Pathways of reforms in oil and gas exporting countries

Norway - Oil, Industry and Money - Extending the Value Chain, Øystein Noreng PDF
The US - From Major Importer to major Exporter, Barry Worthington PDF

Session 4: The long term strategies of National Oil and Gas Companies

Sonatrach and the Algerian Energy Strategy, Mourad Preure PDF

Session 5: Investments to orient the low carbon transition

Oil & Gas in the Clean Energy Transition, Keisuke Sadamori PDF
Oil and gas companies must anticipate the risk of lock-in and stranded assets, Alain Grandjean PDF

Keynote speech

Oil and Gas in the Global Energy Transition, Pierre Gadonneix PDF

Proceedings of the forum