forum européen

8th European Energy Forum
"The Cost of European Energy Transitions"

11-12 June 2019

Opening speech

Jean-Bernard Lévy, EDF & Conseil Français de l'Énergie

Session 1: The different paths of energy transition and their costs

Reflections on energy transitions past and present | Gerald Davis, World Energy Council
Energy transition: where does path dependence lead? | Patrice Geoffron, Université Paris-Dauphine PDF
Insights from the UK’s conversion from manufactured gas to North Sea Gas, 1966-1977 | Peter Pearson, Imperial College London PDF
Path costs and uncertainties | Marc Bussiéras, EDF
Moderator: Jean Eudes Moncomble, Conseil Français de l'Énergie

Session 2: Decarbonation of the electric mix: the overcosts of technology-oriented policies

The Costs of Decarbonisation: Insights from a New Study of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency | Jan Horst Keppler, Université Paris-Dauphine PDF
Evaluating the costs and benefits of the German Energiewende | Dimitri Pescia, Agora Energiewende PDF
The importance of macroeconomic for energy transition | Richard Lavergne, French Ministry for Economy and Finance PDF
Moderator: Bérénice Crabs, WEC Belgium

Keynote speech

Jean-Marie Dauger, World Energy Council

Session 3: Energy efficiency in housing: the cost-efficiency of domestic energy retrofit policies

IEA analysis of cost-effective energy efficiency potential in the residential sector | Kathleen Gaffney, International Energy Agency
Costs, opportunities, risks and rewards of housing retrofit | Gavin Killip, University of Oxford PDF
Low energy-buildings in Sweden – costs and benefits | Paula Hallonsten, Swedish Energy Agency
Moderator: Einari Kisel, World Energy Council

Session 4: The costs-advantages of the transition to low-carbon urban mobility

The costs-advantages of the electromobility | Dominique Auverlot, French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition PDF
The costs of the transition to low-carbon mobility in France: a CEA-IFPEN study | Jean-Guy Devezeaux de Lavergne, CEA PDF
Fuelling Europe’s Future – How the transition from oil strengthens the economy | Jon Stenning, Cambridge Econometrics PDF
Moderator: Francis Duseux, UFIP

Session 5: Who will pay? Burden sharing and social feasibility of different transitions policies

Costs in the UK’s energy transition | Mike Hemsley, Committee on Climate Change PDF
Incentives and solutions – combining carbon dioxide tax and energy policy in Sweden | Tea Alopaeus, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency PDF
The socio-political drivers of energy transitions | Solange Martin, ADEME PDF
Moderator: Jean Eudes Moncomble, Conseil Français de l'Énergie

Session 6: How to reduce the cost of transition to a low carbon objective?

Investing into clean energy transition for a sustainable society towards 2050 | Lukasz Kolinski, DG Energy of the European Commission
Containing the costs of the transition - regulatory and market approaches to minimise financing costs | Fabien Roques, Compass Lexecon PDF
On paradigm shifts for European climate and energy policy | Marc-Oliver Bettzüge, EWi, University of Cologne
Cost comparison of different trajectories leading the European energy mix to full decarbonisation | Pierre-Laurent Lucille, ENGIE PDF
Moderator: Olivier Appert, IFRI Energy Center

Closing speech

Jean Eudes Moncomble, Conseil Français de l'Énergie